Location: CT, United States Experience Type: QU Internship

Students interested in social work, gerontology, bereavement, end-of-life care, those specifically interested in learning about hospice or those open to new experiences with individuals nearing the end of their lives should look into this program. Students get training, become CT state certified hospice volunteers and work directly with patients for many of their hours (some administrative work such as creating admissions packets is also possible).  Students provide “compassionate companionship” and social interactions for patients/clients receiving hospice care, who often spend most of their time alone. The volunteer coordinator – Staci Brody – is actively seeking volunteer interns.  Students can get started by calling or emailing Ms. Brody directly as 203-435-5658 or

There are multiple facility locations across CT; you will work with Ms. Brody to determine the best locations for you. Ms. Brody noted that the application and subsequent on-boarding process can be lengthy (e.g., on-boarding can take 3 weeks to a month – 2 weeks is the shortest it’s taken and that is rare). You begin the application process by emailing or calling Ms. Brody directly to express your interest. You would then meet with Ms. Brody to learn more about the organization, what to expect, etc.

If you choose to intern at this site, you will be asked to complete paperwork, fingerprinting, a criminal background check, complete a physical examination (they pay for it), a tuberculosis screening (or similar), as well as an online tutorial so that you can become a state certified hospice volunteer. They also ask for proof of a driver’s license and car insurance for your vehicle to ensure you are legally arriving to/from the facilities. The volunteer coordinator noted she regularly provides letters of recommendation to consistent volunteers, and is eager to welcome QU students to their volunteer program.


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CT Volunteer Coordinator: Staci Brody (203) 435 5658

Main Office Numbers: 860 751 3619 and 860 751 3620