Internship and Job Search – Job Search Checklist

Job Search Checklist for CAS Students

Set a Goal

  • I have identified up to three job titles/functions that interest me
  • I have identified up to three industries where I might be interested in working
  • I have identified up to three geographic areas where I would like to work/live
  • I have researched each of these three factors (function, industry and geography) and believe there is enough compatibility among them to reasonably result in a large pool of potential employers
  • I have identified at least 50 potential target employers based on my chosen function/industry/location
  • I have researched my personal needs/expenses as well as expected salaries based on my chosen function/industry/location

Develop and Understand Your Brand

I have created/updated my personal marketing materials based on my goal

  • Resume
  • Cover letter
  • LinkedIn Profile
  • Other social media platforms (as appropriate) Personal Website/ePortfolio (as appropriate)“Personal” URL
  • Elevator Pitch (“30 second speech”)

Begin Your Search

  • I have set up Google alerts for my target companies and industries
  • I have completed my profile on QUCC, uploaded a current resume and check weekly for new job postings that match my goals
  • I have identified contacts to approach for direct outreach and referrals and have begun making contact
  • I am following up, on schedule, for all outreach efforts
  • I am sending “Thank You” notes as needed to contacts that speak with me, and especially after interviews
  • I have set up a regular schedule to spend some time every day on the search process
  • I have set up a system to keep my search organized and on track