Internship and Job Search – Thank You Notes

If people take time out of their day to email or call you, take a moment to let them know you appreciate what they have done for you. Every time you have a conversation with someone, send them a quick thank you note.

  • It doesn’t have to be long, but it needs to be sincere and show some effort. Mention something specific from the conversation itself so they know you were paying attention and youaren’t just sending a “form letter”.
  • Send it right away. Let a little time go by, but not that long. It should always go out within 24 hours of the conversation. Sending it by email is fine. If they ask you to do something during the conversation (apply online, send a new copy of your resume, etc.) be sure to do that before you send the thank you note and mention in the note that you did so.
  • Send one no matter what. Send a thank you note even if you get rejected (especially if the conversation was an actual job interview). This shows you are not a “sore loser” and that you are really interested in the opportunity. Who knows? Maybe you were the second choice and the first choice backs out at the last second or can’t be hired for some reason. Who do you think they are most likely to call back? The person who interviewed and was never heard from again, or the person who gracefully responded to a rejection with reiterated interest for future opportunities.

    As an extra step, offer to help. Something like: “I’m sorry that I wasn’t a good fit for this opportunity and I still remain interested in working with the organization if something new opens up. If I can be of any assistance in helping you fill the role, please let me know. While my background wasn’t what you need my network is full of recent college grads and perhaps someone I know might be a better choice. I am on LinkedIn and would be happy to connect with you to help you browse my network to see if I can introduce you to anyone”.