BS in Chemistry

Chemistry majors explore the world on the molecular level. Students gain knowledge about the wide range of properties and reactions of inorganic, organic and biological compounds. Lab courses enable you to carry out syntheses and analyze materials. You also get hands-on access to a sophisticated array of instruments, which include a variety of spectrophotometers and chromatographic systems, to help build confidence in your ability to solve complex problems in the field. You can individualize your experience by taking electives in specialized areas, such as environmental chemistry, or pursue a minor in a completely different but complementary field to meet your career goals.

We teach you to evaluate and interpret data, hone your analytical thinking skills and present the results of your scientific research to various audiences. Because of our small class sizes and highly accessible faculty, you’ll get plenty of support and the personal attention you need. An independent research project strengthens the skills you develop in the classroom. Students are encouraged to pursue real-life work experience in the form of internships.

Your degree in chemistry qualifies you to work as a laboratory or research assistant in an academic, consumer product, pharmaceutical or industrial research or quality control laboratory upon graduation, but you’ll also have the foundation to pursue an advanced degree in a specific area of chemistry or in other fields including medicine, pharmacy, veterinary medicine or law.

Program Contact: Carol Fenn 203-582-8254

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