Interdisciplinary Minors

Human culture, creativity and knowledge are often produced and experienced in the spaces across and between the traditional disciplines. Interdisciplinary minors—those that focus on areas of interest rather than established disciplines—afford students an opportunity to examine topics from multiple disciplinary perspectives.

Through these cross-departmental minors, students embark on an ambitious, meaningful learning experience that complements their work in their majors and in the University Curriculum. Students hone critical intellectual skills by evaluating facets of human culture and the natural world from various viewpoints and integrating these insights to form new knowledge and understanding.

Cross-departmental interdisciplinary minors currently available in the College of Arts and Sciences include:

Asian Studies
This program introduces students to the people and cultures of East and Southeast Asia. Contact: Prof. Nita Prasad (

Global Public Health
This minor provides a focus of study that enables students to understand and promote individual and population health throughout the world. Contact: Prof. David Hill ( or Wendy Sewack (

History and Philosophy of Science
This program introduces students to the historical, philosophical and sociological issues raised by the dominant place that science has assumed in our world. Contact: Prof. Rebecca Bamford (

International Studies
This program stresses connections between classroom learning and international experiences and increases program options available to students with an interest in international studies. Contact: Prof. Seán Duffy (

Irish Studies
This program introduces students to the history, people and cultures of Ireland, pre- and post-Partition. Contact: Prof. Christine Kinealy (

Middle Eastern Studies
This minor facilitates the interdisciplinary study of the Middle East, offering insights into the language, history, culture, politics and religions of this ethnically diverse geographical region. Contact: Prof. Nita Prasad (

Sports Studies
This minor makes connections between what students learn in their foundational course work and their major by illustrating how sport bridges various disciplines. Contact: Prof. Michael Sheehan (

Women’s and Gender Studies
This program explores how gendered expectations structure social, cultural, political, economic and aesthetic human endeavors. Contact: Prof. Jennifer Sacco (


Our interdisciplinary minors are offered through our Collaborative for Interdisciplinary/Integrative Studies