Interviewing Guide – A Comprehensive Toolkit for Winning the Job

A resume gets you in the door. The interview gets you the job.

Someone who is great at interviewing, but lacking a qualification or two, will almost always get hired over someone who is fully qualified but a terrible interviewer.


Because job descriptions are wish lists. They are an idealized version of the candidate. By the time you get in the door for an interview an employer has already made a determination that you can likely do the job. What they want to get a sense of in the interview is…you. Are you coachable? Will you fit in well with the current staff? Do you understand the job? Do you understand the company? Do you have the required level of professionalism and maturity to work directly with clients or company executives? In short, they want to learn a few things that are important to them that are almost impossible to learn from a sheet of paper. If you impress them with your poise, preparation and presentation, most will overlook a missing qualification or two. Don’t worry. It’s easier than it seems.

Let’s get started. This guide will give you:

  • Tips on what to expect before, during and after the interview.
  • Different types of interviews and how to prepare
  • Anticipating questions
  • An understanding of how effective “storytelling structure” can be a guide for answering any question, even if you didn’t plan for it in advance.
  • What to do at the end of the interview to help win the job
  • How to follow-up after the interview
  • What to do when you get an offer