LinkedIn For Your Internship or Job Search

Professional networking isn’t just a handshake at a career fair anymore. An online presence on LinkedIn is critical.

Of all the tools that exist for professional networking and personal branding related to the job search, the most important one is—by far—LinkedIn.

While it does serve, partly, as an online resume, it is much more than just that. LinkedIn is a social media tool built specifically for professionally oriented networking. It allows you to proactively seek out people in your extended network who can help you and it is a chance for you to present yourself professionally to recruiters who might be searching for people like you.

Some say up to 80% of jobs are never advertised through traditional outlets like corporate websites or job boards like CareerBuilder and Indeed. These positions are typically filled through referrals and direct sourcing by recruiters, and LinkedIn is their preferred tool.

More than 94% of recruiters and hiring managers in a recent survey indicated they use it to find or research candidates—often before you get to speak with them directly. What they see on LinkedIn can often be their first—and only—impression of you, so you need to make it count.