Presidential Public Service Fellow Program

A GREAT WAY TO BUILD YOUR EXPERIENCE AND LEADERSHIP SKILL FOR YOUR FUTURE.  Students are trained to play leading role in local government:  public relations, police, civil engineering, community social programs, education, arts & cultural programs, business/economic development, urban planning, environment, and elderly services. 

*FOR ANY MAJOR:  Applications open every March. All students entering Jr. or Sr. year in Fall., federal work-study eligibility is a plus but not required. Students are selected on a combination of the following factors:  (1) Interest and motivation to develop community leadership and public service skills; (2) strong academic achievement (3.0 and above); (3) demonstrated effective written and interpersonal communication skills.

*PAID work-study public service work:   Fulltime pay over 9 weeks (June 4-August 3), is around $3,700 pre-tax in student aid. Students selected for the  Fellowship receive an expansion of their work-study financial aid, or a work-based scholarship.

*Campus housing is furnished for Fellows.  NO extra charge.

*Academic Fellowship:   One free QU credit, fieldtrips, weekly Seminar meetings over dinner, with experts and leaders in local and state government.