QUIP-RS Application (2020)

The QUIP-RS is an immersive, 8-week research and creative experience where you will work closely with your faculty mentor on a specific research project or creative endeavor. It is a full-time, 40 hours/week, daytime program which allows you to develop your scholarly skills. However, QUIP-RS is much more. In addition to working long hours and intensely on your project, you will meet weekly with other QUIP-RS fellows and faculty mentors, sharing your successes and failures, and discussing as an interdisciplinary team what it means to be a university scholar.

Students engaged in international research can apply, as long as they are present for the first two weeks and last two weeks of the program. During the intermediate weeks, while data is being collected, students and mentors must still commit to attending the weekly meetings via Skype or other video technology. Obviously, students are still expected to spend 40 hours/week on their research while overseas. You cannot work fewer hours while overseas and make up the hours upon return to QU.

QUIP-RS participation requires a competitive application (click view resource below to get started), so please pay close attention to the application procedures and expectations/requirements. ***A list of review criteria used by the QUIP-RS committee is included on page 6. Please keep use these criteria when developing your application.