Resume Summary/Profile Section

After the header, begin your résumé with a summary statement, sometimes called a profile. Summary statements are excellent opportunities to emphasize succinctly your fit with job description.

  • Before you write a summary statement do some research. Carefully read the job description and the company website. What is your potential employer looking for in a job candidate? What special qualities and talents will you bring to the position?  Why are you the perfect candidate for the job? Don’t put everything in your summary statement; it is a summary of your résumé!
  • Include specific evidence that you meet the qualifications and have the required experience, knowledge & skills. Items might include your degree, your prior experience, your accomplishments, your skills, and your best professional qualities.
  • It’s not about your needs (e.g., “I hope to learn more about…”), it is about how you bring value to the employer
  • If you already have some strong experience (previous internship or research experience), you can consider creating a profile that is a combination of a short paragraph outlining your basic skills and abilities, followed by a short list of bullets highlighting key skills and previous accomplishments.

Skill-based examples for students with limited experience:


“Junior political science major with strong leadership experience and previous customer service experience seeking internship with a political campaign. Excellent interpersonal skills and strong proficiency with Microsoft Excel.”

“Talented graphic designer with strong technical skills and creative ability seeking graphic design internship in the entertainment industry.”

“Sophomore English major with previous publishing and editorial experience seeking internship in the publishing industry. Excellent time management skills and ability to perform at a high level in fast-paced, deadline driven environments.”

“Senior with previous internship experience in public relations and strong academic preparation seeking full-time opportunity in public relations. Excellent interpersonal skills, attention to detail and ability to perform at a high level in fast-paced environments.”

“Senior biology major with significant research and lab experience seeking research associate position in the Pharmaceutical industry. Excellent technical skills, attention to detail, and collaborative skills.”

Accomplishment-based examples for students/alumni with previous experience:


“Creative and energetic sales professional with three years of full-time outside sales experience seeking sales manager opportunities in the greater New York city area. Track record of increasing sales in assigned territories and coaching peers to exceed their goals.

  • #1 in sales for six consecutive quarters, exceeding goals by more than 15% each quarter
  • # 10 in total sales for region out of total sales force of more than 60”