Sports Studies Minor

From coverage of the Olympics and the Super Bowl to the social activism of athletes such as Jackie Robinson, Megan Rapinoe and Colin Kaepernick, the world of sports continues to leave a distinct imprint on our lives. With our Minor in Sports Studies, you’ll learn how this multibillion-dollar industry has become an integral part of our cultural narrative, particularly over the past century.

Whether as a participant in sports or as a spectator, people throughout the world have contributed to the creation of a multi-billion dollar industry. Sport is a profound social phenomenon, the study of which can provide the student with deep insights into the dynamics of our society.

The goal of the interdisciplinary sports studies minor is to foster an understanding of the role of sport in society and culture, to explore the complex relationships between sport and various industries and institutions (business, medicine, media, politics, law, etc.), and to prepare students for careers in sports-related industries by raising awareness of the major issues facing professionals in these fields. This minor also seeks to make connections between what students learn in the University Curriculum and their major coursework by illustrating how sport bridges various disciplines.

Program Contacts: Michael Sheehan 203-582-6439 Rich Hanley 203-582-8439

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