Step 3: Registering for Classes & FAQs

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About Math, English, and Language Placement Tests

All incoming CAS students are required to take math, English, and modern language placement tests at least 7 days prior to attending orientation in order to complete their fall registration. This holds even if you are expecting transfer or AP credit and even if you are not planning to take math or a modern language in the fall.

You will find all placement tests on Blackboard under “My Courses.” There are also links to the tests on QStart. Approximately two business days after completing a test, you should see your score in Self-Service.

To view your scores in Self-Service:

  1. Log in to MyQ
  2. Select Self-Service under the “Applications” tab on the left-hand side of the screen.
  3. Click on Student Planning
  4. Then click on the “Student Planning” link at the very top of the screen (underneath the blue Quinnipiac banner) to reveal additional links, including “Test Summary.” This is where you’ll find your test results and the results will look something like this:

Screenshot of placement test results in Self-Service

Learn more about each placement test:

    • Math placement test

      The math placement test asks 70 questions covering algebra 1 and algebra 2 topics. It should take around an hour to complete. Approximately two business days after taking the exam, you should see your score in Self-Service. If more than two business days have passed and you still do not see your score, you can contact Lisa Hollman, teaching professor of Mathematics (

      The score corresponds to different recommended courses. All QU students must complete at least one math class at the MA 110 level or higher. If your major recommends a specific course for your first semester, you’ll find that information in the course selection guide for your major under the “Courses in Your Major” section on Step 2: Choosing Your First Semester Courses. You can also consult the Math Placement Grid.

    • English placement process

      The English placement process isn’t a test, per se, but rather a guided exercise you work through before self-selecting the course (EN 101 or EN 101I) that you think is the best fit for you. The entire process should take 60-75 minutes.

      Once you find the English placement link in Blackboard under “My Courses,” you’ll begin by clicking on the “Instructions” tab and then watching part of a video. The video will give you instructions to pause the video and go write a short essay, which you will do in Word or some other word processor before uploading it into Blackboard. Many students think that they’re done after they upload their essay – but you’re not done yet! You need to go back to the video and finish watching it. At the end, you’ll be given instructions to choose whether you want to enroll in EN 101 or EN 101I.

      After about one business day, you will be able to see a “score” in Self-Service (see screenshot above). This “score” corresponds to the class you selected in Blackboard (it’s not really a score – no one is grading your essay but you!) A 4 means you selected EN 101; 3 means you selected EN 101I. If more than one business day has gone by and you still don’t see a score, you should go back into Blackboard and make sure that you completed the entire process. You’re not done until you select either EN 101 or EN 101I.

    • Language placement tests

      All CAS students are required to complete a modern language through the 102 level (the second semester of a language). If you are planning to continue a language you studied in high school and we offer a placement test in that language, you will need to take the placement test prior to orientation. We offer tests in:

      • Spanish
      • French
      • German
      • Italian

      You should take the test prior to orientation even if you do not intend to take language in the fall. You may or may not choose to begin the CAS modern language requirement in your first semester; however, you will need to take the test before you can register for a course in one of the four languages above and it is much easier to do it now.

      You will find all placement tests on Blackboard under “My Courses.” There are also links to the tests on QStart. If you do not see the language placement test in Blackboard, click here and follow the instructions under “How to Submit a Technology Help Request”.

      When you click on the Language Placement Test for the current year, you will see the questionnaire and information. Once you read the information and complete the questionnaire, you will see all the placement tests offered in the different languages.

      Language tests consist of 50 multiple choice questions that you are given 35 minutes to complete. Students with documentation in the Learning Commons for extended time on tests should contact the department chair (Aileen Dever, to access the test programmed for additional time.

      Approximately two business days after you complete the test, your results will be available in Self-Service. Unlike the English and math tests, you will not see a score, but rather a course number (SPAN102 in the screenshot above). That course number is the course you should register for when you take your language. If you have placed into 201 or higher, you have fulfilled the CAS language requirement by virtue of your placement test results. However, we certainly encourage students to continue their language study beyond the 102 level or even by beginning a new language. We offer courses in Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, and Spanish. During the summer, we also offer Polish.

      You’ll find more detail about the language requirement – including information for those who have studied a language for which we do not offer a placement test or for those who are native speakers of another language – on the CAS Language Requirement & Placement Test page.

Using Self-Service to Register

Link to how-to video

As you register for classes at orientation, you’ll be assisted by current students serving as orientation leaders. If you need to register on your own or make changes to your schedule after orientation, you’ll find instructions below and this video also walks you through the process step-by-step. We know that learning a new system can be confusing, but don’t worry – you’ll be a pro at this in no time!



  1. Click here to access Self-Service. Alternatively, log in to MyQ and Select Self-Service under the “Applications” tab on the left-hand side of the screen.
  2. Click on Student Planning
  3. Click on “Go to Plan and Schedule” (on the right). A few notes:
    • You can click the arrows just under “Schedule” to change the term.
    • When you log in, you may find that you are already registered for some courses. Some departments pre-register students in courses for the major.
  4. Now you need to search for courses and add them to your schedule plan. Ways to search for courses:
    • To find a particular course, use the search box on the top right to search for the course number, name, or subject.
    • Or, click on “Student Planning” at the very top of the screen (underneath the blue Quinnipiac banner) to reveal additional links. Click on Course Catalog. This allows you to easily browse courses by subject.
    • Helpful tip: use the filters on the left-hand side to narrow your results. Be sure to use the “term” filter to show only classes that will be offered in the semester you are looking for.
  5. Once you navigate to a course, click “view available sections” to see the days & times different sections of the course meet. When you find a section of a course you want, click on the blue “add section to schedule” button on the right. At the top of the screen, in a green box, you should see the message “Course has been added to plan.” Add more courses/sections to build a schedule.
  6. To go back to your course plan & schedule, click on “Student Planning” at the top and then “Plan & Schedule.” You should see the sections you just added with a yellow check mark and the word “planned” underneath the course number.
  7. To register for a course, you can:
    • Click the “Register Now” button under the course to register for an individual course or
    • To register for all the courses in your plan at once, click the other “Register Now” button on the top right-hand side of the screen. Note: if you are registering for a course that requires a lab, you’ll have to use this method in order to register for both parts at once.
  8. When you are registered for a course, it will have a green check mark and the word “Registered” underneath the course number. Note: If there is still a yellow check mark and the word “Planned” underneath the course number, you are NOT registered. Students are often confused by this.
  9. You can make changes after you register! If you want to drop a course, simply click on the X you’ll see next to the course title of any course with the green “registered” indicator.

Tips as you go through the process:

  • To find a UC course with open seats, begin with the Student Planning course catalog and select “Advanced Search” from the top. Then enter the semester and scroll to the bottom; under “class type” select the UC area (Fine Arts, Social Science, Humanities, Natural Science, Intercultural Understanding, etc.) Click Search. In the results screen, under “filter”, select “open sections”.
  • Keep an eye on the top-right hand side of the screen, where alerts appear in a yellow square. If you are unable to register or drop or there is some other error, a message will appear there.
  • If you are attempting to register or make changes on your own after orientation and you experience technical difficulties, you need to contact Your faculty advisor can not help you with technical issues!
  • If a course has a prerequisite, a box with a yellow exclamation point will appear under the course once you’ve put it in your plan.
    Screenshot of prereq notification
    That alert always appears with the course and does not mean that you won’t be able to register. Don’t panic if you see the yellow alert! If you do not meet prerequisite, however, you should choose another course.

AP & Transfer credits

AP credits

Quinnipiac awards course credit for most AP exams, depending on your score. View the complete list of AP exams and credit awarded. AP credit can be used to fulfill prerequisites for classes. For example, if you score a 3 on the AP Psychology exam, you will be given credit for PS 101. You would then be eligible to take many of the 200-level Psychology classes that require PS 101 as a pre-req.

In order to receive credit, you need to request that the College Board sends your score(s) to QU. Please note: AP scores are typically not released until mid-July, so they will not be available when you register for fall courses. For now, use your best judgment about the scores you think you will receive. You can always make changes to your schedule later.

Other transfer credits

If you have received college-level credit from any other institution, be sure to have that institution submit your official transcript to Quinnipiac. This includes any dual enrollment courses you completed. In the case of dual enrollment, you need to submit the college or university transcript; your high school transcript is not sufficient. Similarly, be sure to submit any other transcript or score report information that may transfer as course credit, including score reports for IB (HL only), CLEP, or A-level exams.

Where to find transfer credit in Self-Service

Once AP/transfer credit has been received and processed by QU, you will see it reflected on your record in Self-Service.

  1. Log in to MyQ
  2. Select Self-Service under the “Applications” tab on the left-hand side of the screen.
  3. Click on Student Planning
  4. Click on “Go to Plan and Schedule” (on the right).
  5. Click the left arrow button just under “Schedule” to change the term. AP/transfer credit is reported in a placeholder semester called “Transfer Term.” (You will not see the Transfer Term until at least one transfer credit has been posted to your record).

Other Frequently Asked Questions

    • How can I change my major?

      If you would like to change your major at any point during the summer, simply email your request to the Office of Admissions ( If you’re certain about the change, it’s best to contact Admissions as soon as possible. This will help ensure you get the best advising during orientation and is especially important if you want to switch to a major outside of CAS in another QU school.

    • When will I get my academic advisor?

      Each major assigns faculty advisors at slightly different times. At latest, your advisor will be assigned to you in August just prior to the start of the fall semester. Once assigned, you’ll see your advisor’s name in Self-Service (go to “Plan & Schedule” and click on the “Advising” tab). In the meantime, each major has a contact person for questions over the summer. You’ll find that information in the course selection guide for your major.

    • What if I need learning accommodations?

      Students with documented disabilities should contact the Office of Student Accessibility.

    • When can I register?

      Students will register for classes during their June orientation date. Students unable to attend a June orientation will be able to register themselves beginning in July. All students will be able to register/make changes to their schedules from July until the end of the first week of classes.

    • Can I change my schedule?

      Absolutely! Registration during orientation is only the first step of registration. All students will be able to register/make changes to their schedules during Open Registration and Add/Drop.

    • I’m having trouble registering!

      There are a number of reasons Self Service may not let you register for a course. Consider if any of the following issues apply:

      • The course may already be full (indicated by a 0 under “Seats” in the Course Catalog). Search to see if any other sections of the same course are still available.
      • Time conflict – make sure you’re not trying to register for a course that meets at the same time as any other course already on your schedule.
      • Prerequisite not met – some courses require a prerequisite (e.g., you cannot register for FR 102 if you have not had FR 101). Some courses have other similar requirements (e.g., some are only available to students with junior or senior standing). Check the course description, which should indicate all prerequisites and restrictions. If you have credit for a prerequisite (through AP or other transfer credit) and you are still unable to register, email the Registrar (
      • Corequisite required – some courses, like lab sciences, require you to register for both the lecture and the lab simultaneously; the system won’t allow you to register for just one of them.
      • Placement exams not complete – some courses will be unavailable if you have not completed your 3 placement exams (math, English, and foreign language).
      • There is a hold on your account – holds may be placed on your account for a number of reasons, including not having paid a bill by the due date, not having submitted required medical records, and other issues. If a hold has been placed on your account, you may not be able to register for any courses until you meet with the relevant office.
    • How do I enroll in a class that is full?

      You can’t. If there is another section of the class that has space, you can enroll in that. If there is no space in the class (indicated by a 0 under “Seats” in the Course Catalog), keep it as a “planned” course in your Plan & Schedule and keep an eye on it. If space opens up, you can adjust your schedule.

      If you are unable to find an open section of EN 101 that fits your schedule, enroll in EN 101*WL. This puts you on a waitlist and administrators will work to get you into an actual section.

    • Why are courses full?

      Upper-class students are already registered. We know it can be frustrating not to get a course you want, but you’ll have more opportunities in the future to take the class. As you progress at QU, you’ll move up the registration food chain!

    • Why haven’t my placement test scores appeared on my record?

      You may not have waited long enough. It can up to two business days for the scores to appear in Self-Service. If it has been more than two business days and you do not see your English placement score, you should go back into Blackboard and make sure that you completed the entire process. You’re not done until you select either EN 101 or EN 101I. More information about placements tests.

    • What is this ZZ*001 course on my record?

      You can ignore that. The Registrar’s Office adds that as a placeholder for all incoming students. It will be dropped once you register in actual classes. Student athletes may also have a ZZ course on their record; that is to block off your practice times on your schedule so that you don’t enroll in a class that conflicts with practice.