Study Food, Sustainability, & Environment at The Umbra Institute (Perugia, Italy)

The faculty in the Environmental Science and Studies program recognize how becoming a temporary citizen of a community abroad can enable a student to think and act globally. International education can be an integral part of a student’s course of study and career trajectory. The program has evaluated the following study abroad destinations and for each has a list of pre-approved course equivalencies. ENV majors and co-majors* can go abroad and learn in an international setting while still staying on track to graduate. Students with further questions should speak first with their faculty advisor, as well as contacting the study abroad team in the Department of Cultural and Global Engagement. There are also several opportunities for scholarships for study abroad; see here.

Approved Programs

The Umbra Institute
website: (see also Umbra’s entry on the study abroad office’s website)

description: The Umbra Institute is a program in Perugia, a central Italian university city. Since 2011 the Institute has offered the program in Food, Sustainability, & Environment (FSE), with a variety of courses from The Science of Italian Food and The History and Culture of Food in Italy to Global Sustainable Business and The Politics of Urban Agriculture. Click here to read more about the FSE and see a full list of relevant courses. There are also summer internships available in local wineries and in Umbra’s campus/community garden.

major credit: Students may use any three FSE courses as electives for their major. In addition, the program has pre-approved the following list of direct equivalents for major requirements: see the list here. Many other Umbra Institute classes have been approved for Inquiry credit; see the list here.

More information: For more information and application process email; you can also find out more from the Department of Cultural and Global Engagement.


*Co-majors should speak to advisors in their primary major