Language Requirement – ASL 101 & 102

Are you interested in learning ASL? If so, taking an ASL course might be a great option for you! See the description below to find more details:

Students whose majors are in the College of Arts & Sciences are required to take a language up to the 102 level. ASL101 and 102 fulfill this CAS language requirement.

ASL101 – Students are introduced to American Sign Language, the language used by the Deaf community in the United States. Through a direct, communicative approach, students learn the basic structure of ASL, its grammar and vocabulary, including fingerspelling/numbers and some visual features (parameters, space), and information related to Deaf Culture. Learning ASL opens the door to worthy new experiences because students develop initial understanding and appreciation of the life experience of the Deaf people, their unique and visual language, as well as their culture.

ASL102 – Continuation of American Sign Language I. Further coverage of the fundamentals of ASL grammar, vocabulary, fingerspelling/numbers, additional visual features (space, classifiers, personification, etc.), and information related to Deaf Culture

By Molly Zapp
Molly Zapp