Business Management, Human Resources & Administration

Students interested in core business functions such as operations, management, and human resources will find a wide range of interesting options which will accept students of almost any major as long as they have developed some related experience. Clubs and organizations are excellent “on ramps” to internships in these areas. Skills will be the main factor so be sure to customize your resume to focus on the skills you’ve developed and check out our “Build Your Skills” area to see if there are additional skills it might benefit you to acquire.

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    Students of almost any major can find entry-level opportunities in these areas as long as they can develop and highlight the skills needed. In the College of Arts & Sciences it is common for students interested in human resources to study psychology or behavioral neuroscience. However, we have alumni from majors like economics, data science, philosophy, history, english, sociology, and more all working in these core business functions!


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