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If you are looking for opportunities in government you may find areas of interest in federal, state and local environmental agencies, political action groups, NGOs, nonprofits, and corporations.

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    If you are interested in a career in government you can study in a wide range of academic areas. It is popular for students to pursue majors or coursework in political science, criminal justice, sociology, or legal studies. You may also be thinking about pursuing a law degree. Many organizations also highly value communication skills and analytical skills so you might consider studying things like English or data science.


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SO 244: Social Stratification: Inequalities

Sue Hudd
This course examines systems of inequality and how they grow out of, and are reinforced by, both structural and cultural…

CJ 355: Crime and Media

Alan Bruce
Examine the impact of mass media upon how we think about crime and our responses to it. This course is…

SO392 Internship in the Community

This three (3) credit course is cross-listed in Sociology (SO 392), Criminal Justice (CJ 392), Gerontology (GT 392), and Women’s…

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