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Study Away refers to any academic experience taking place away from the Quinnipiac campus. You might study abroad in London, or you might spend a semester away at one of our programs in Los Angeles or Washington, D.C.

Check out our Experiential Learning Opportunities and Featured Classes listed below for some ideas!

Talking with your advisor, viewing study away in relation to your overall academic experience, choosing a program and potential courses, and making sure, through preapprovals, that your courses away will transfer back — all these steps constitute the careful academic planning that leads to rewarding study away.

Study Away is most common in the sophomore, junior, and senior years. First Year students can participate as early as the summer after their first year.

QU students interested in studying abroad can choose from dozens of options! What countries appeal to you? Would you like to learn or practice a foreign language? Do you enjoy urban settings, or rural ones? Do you want to go abroad for a few weeks, a semester, internship or an academic year? Start exploring on the study abroad office’s website.

Any time is a good time to begin preparing for study abroad! Let your advisor know of your interest, and think about whether a full semester abroad, or a shorter winter or summer session, may be better for you — and when. If you are interested in applying or have already applied to study abroad, review our PREPARATION TIPS.


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