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The College of Arts & Sciences recognizes advising to be a critical component of the educational experience of its undergraduate students.  CAS therefore offers a holistic program of coordinated academic advising and career development that supports students through all four years, that respects the benefits of a liberal education, and that intentionally prepares students well for life after Quinnipiac.

Advising is integral to the university’s mission as a learning community and its commitment to three core values: high-quality academic programs, a student-oriented environment, and a strong sense of community. Advising is a collaborative process through which advisors guide and mentor students to develop and implement educational plans designed to promote the students’ academic, personal, community, and professional goals. Working with their academic advisors, students are encouraged to become self-directed learners and to assume responsibility for completing their educational goals, meeting academic requirements, and developing plans for meaningful careers and lives after college. Advising in CAS supports the mission of a liberal arts education by complementing the intellectual exchange that takes place in the classroom with an ongoing, collaborative exchange of ideas outside of the classroom designed to cultivate critical thinking, intellectual curiosity, creativity, and the basis for long-term success.

As stated in the Quinnipiac University Catalog, “Though faculty advisers assist each student in the selection of courses, the responsibility for fulfilling the requirements of the program and all Quinnipiac University program and departmental academic requirements of study rests with the individual student.

We have developed our 360 Advising philosophy and CAS Navigator as tools to help implement this philosophy.

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BIO 250: Biology Journal Club

Dr. Sarah Lawson
Bio 250 is a scientific journal club in which students will present published research papers to their peers, providing the…

EN102: Academic Writing and Research

Every section covers “Academic Writing and Research” using literary texts and secondary sources as follows: EN102 builds upon the critical…

CAR 410 – LSAT Prep Course

Interested in going to law school in the future? You’ll need to take the LSAT to get there! Take our…

SO392 Internship in the Community

Jim Buccini, LMSW
This three (3) credit course is cross-listed in Sociology (SO 392), Criminal Justice (CJ 392), Gerontology (GT 392), and Women’s…

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