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Graduates with degrees in arts and sciences have enjoyed the largest growth in employment and pay in the past three decades. This is because modern jobs require a diverse mix of skills and technical proficiencies, and that is exactly what we cultivate. Our curricula incorporate 4 key pillars to prepare graduates for the demands of an evolving job market and ever-changing world. We emphasize applied and experiential learning, 21st-century professional skills and literacies, integrated and interdisciplinary thinking, and a 360-degree advising structure.


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GDD175: Games For All

Jonah Warren
Games For All is a course open to all students (no prerequisites) who are curious about making their own games.…

GDD314: VR/AR Development for Games

Jonah Warren
Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality for Games is a course designed to teach students how to create experiences for augmented…

GDD320: Cross Collaboration

Cross Collaboration is a 1 to 2 credit course that allows students with specific skillsets in game development (e.g., programming,…

SO 101: Introduction to Sociology

Sue Hudd
Our society and culture influence who we are, how we feel about ourselves, and how we interact with others. This…

SO 244: Social Stratification: Inequalities

Sue Hudd
This course examines systems of inequality and how they grow out of, and are reinforced by, both structural and cultural…

CJ 355: Crime and Media

Alan Bruce
Examine the impact of mass media upon how we think about crime and our responses to it. This course is…

BIO 385, 498 and 499: Explorations in Biology and Independent Study in the Biological Sciences

For an overview of Experiential Learning in the Department of Biological Sciences, Click here. BIO 385 is a hybrid course…

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