Sociology is the study of social interaction, social change, and the different parts of society. Learn about social institutions like families, schools, the economy, politics, and health care systems. Take classes to learn about issues such as gender, race and class inequality. Prepare for your future working with individuals, groups and communities in a variety of fields.

  • Major & Minor Requirements

    Sociology is a highly versatile discipline that focuses on all aspects of society for the purpose of making a positive impact in people’s lives. A sociological perspective cultivates an appreciation for diversity and fosters a deep understanding of the many social forces that shape the lives and behaviors of individuals and groups.

    BA in Sociology
    MSW 3+2 Program

  • Research & Experiential Learning
    There are several faculty members in the SCJA department who include undergraduate students in their scholarship. This is a fantastic opportunity to get hands-on social science experience while receiving one-on-one mentorship from a professor. Students can develop analytical skills for data collection and analysis on a wide range of topics, and in many cases have the opportunity to participate in the dissemination of the project results at conferences and in publications. Learn More
  • Explore Your Future
    By combining sociological theories and methods of inquiry with experiential opportunities, graduates are positioned for rewarding careers in social work, teaching, law, public policy, government, marketing and beyond.



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