Pre-Law Advising

Welcome Pre-Law Students!

As the Pre-Law Advisor here at QU, I wanted to make you aware of the services provided by the Pre-Law Advising Office. Our office serves the campus community in a variety of ways. We provide Quinnipiac students and alumni with information about legal education, preparing for law school, the law school application process and career opportunities in law. We host workshops and information sessions covering a variety of topics including “How to Apply to Law School”. We also offer one-on-one advising sessions to help students map out a pre-law path and prepare for the transition to law school.

To schedule an appointment, please contact me by phone or email. The Pre-Law Advising Office is located in CCE 290C, in the Center for Communications and Engineering.

I look forward to hearing from you!


Claude Mayo
Director of Academic Integrity
Pre-Law Advisor

  • Being Pre-Law

    If you are a Quinnipiac student or graduate interested in attending law school, the Pre-Law Advising Office is here to help you reach that goal


  • 3+3 Bachelor’s/JD Program

    Quinnipiac University offers an innovative Baccalaureate/Juris Doctorate Program, which will shorten the usual seven-year sequence to just six years to earn a BA or BS in a major in the College of Arts and Sciences or the Schools of Business, Communications, or Health Sciences, and the JD from the Quinnipiac School of Law. This program is designed for students who know they want to attend law school at Quinnipiac.


  • Pre-Law FAQ’s

    Got questions? We’ve got answers!


  • Law School Timeline (Research and Application)

    Don’t wait until the last minute! See our suggested steps for preparing that can begin as soon as your first year at QU!


  • Pre-Law Organizations and Pre-Law Activities

    Find out how to get involved!


  • Pre-Law Events

    Check out upcoming law school forums, LSAT exams dates and more!