Psychology Research Opportunities

 **This list of opportunities is updated every three months. If the positions listed are closed it may still be worth contacting the organizations to ask about new opportunities**

—————————————————- FULL-TIME POSITIONS —————————————————–

1. Lab Coordinator, The Cooperation Lab, Boston College

Deadline: Until filled



The Cooperation Lab at Boston College, directed by Dr. Katherine McAuliffe, is seeking a full-time senior

research assistant / lab coordinator. Our lab focuses on the origins of cooperation in human development

and evolution. Major research areas include the development of cooperation across societies as well as

the psychological mechanisms supporting cooperation in humans and other species. Ideal candidates will

have a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent in psychology or a related field, research experience, an interest

in working with children, and at least some experience managing others. To apply, please submit a

resume/CV and a cover letter describing your specific interest in the position and outlining your skills and

experience that directly relate to the responsibilities listed above. Please mention your experience

working with data and any experiences relevant to working directly with children and their families.

Information about relevant travel experiences is also of interest. Please note that this position is designed

to last for approximately up to two years, with extension beyond the first year contingent upon

performance and the PI’s funding situation. The anticipated start date is Summer or early Fall 2024 but

this is negotiable.2. Lab Manager, The Language Experience and Multilingualism Research Lab, Indiana University –


Deadline: Until filled

Link: (Job ID: 311064)

The Language Experience and Multilingualism Research (LEMuR) Lab at Indiana University-Bloomington

is seeking a Spanish-English bilingual lab manager. The lab focuses on bilingual language development

in children with and without language disorders. The position will include the following responsibilities:

managing participant recruitment; organizing outreach events in the local community; interacting with

children, families, and schools; coordinating lab calendars and scheduling; testing research participants

and collecting data; entering and coding data; training and supervising undergraduate research

assistants; managing social media accounts; assisting with programming research experiments;

purchasing and upkeep of equipment and supplies; and submitting and renewing IRB protocols. There

may be opportunities for independent study, presenting data at conferences, and co-authoring


3. Research Associate, The Rutherford Lab, University of Delaware

Deadline: Until filled


Under the general direction of the Principal Investigator, the Research Associate will work on projects

investigating learning and motivation in STEM and technology contexts. Our lab has postdocs, graduate

students, and undergraduates working collaboratively with K-12 teachers, university instructors, and

students to design, develop, and evaluate learning- and motivation-supportive technology. We also study

motivation, cognition, and learning processes within these technologies using data mining, eye tracking,

observations, and other methods. The project coordinator/lab manager will liaise with partners, recruit and

support undergraduate research assistants, co-design research protocol, collect and organize data, and

have the opportunity to participate in analysis and writing of scholarly products.

4. Research Coordinator, The Cognition and Affect Regulation Lab, University of Southern


Deadline: Until filled



The Cognition and Affect Regulation Lab, directed by Dr. Jonathan Stange in the Department of

Psychology at the University of Southern California (USC), is seeking a full-time benefits-eligible

lab coordinator position. Our lab seeks to identify cognitive and affective processes that are involved in

the regulation of negative affect, in an effort to understand vulnerability factors for mood disorders and

suicide. This position is ideal for a recent graduate from a Psychology, Neuroscience, Cognitive Science,

or other STEM program who is interested in gaining clinical research experience in mental health and/or

neuroscience in preparation for graduate or medical school. Please apply at the link and also submit (a)

your resume/CV, (b) contact information for three references, and (c) a cover letter that details your

interest in and perceived fit for the position and how it aligns with your career goals, to Dr. Jonathan

Stange at Applicants are encouraged to submit their materials as soon as possible.

5. Research Associate, The Jha Lab, University of Miami

Deadline: Until filled



The Department of Psychology, in the College of Arts & Sciences, is seeking a full-time Research

Associate 1 to join the laboratory of Dr. Amishi Jha engaging in neurobehavioral studies of mindfulness

training in high-demand cohorts. The Research Associate should have a Bachelor’s degree inPsychology, Neuroscience, or other related field. Candidates with experience in programming and

collecting data with cognitive neuroscience measures (behavioral tasks, EEG/FMRI) are highly

encouraged to apply. Interest and prior experience in studies of attention and emotion regulation are

preferred. If you have any questions, please reach out to

6. Assistant Clinical Research Coordinator, Clinical Affective Neuroscience Lab, University of

California, San Francisco

Deadline: Until filled



The UCSF Clinical Affective Neuroscience Lab is looking for a full-time Assistant Clinical Research

Coordinator. The goal of our research is to advance our understanding of the neurobiological basis of

affective symptoms, which are a common and debilitating feature of many neurological and psychiatric

disorders. We use multiple methods from affective science (e.g., psychophysiology, facial behavior, and

self-reported experience) to quantify emotion in neurodegenerative diseases, psychiatric illnesses,

neurodevelopmental disorders, and healthy individuals. The Assistant Clinical Research Coordinator is

involved in collecting and analyzing data, scheduling and communicating with participants, and other

relevant duties. Under the supervision of a Clinical Research Supervisor or Principal Investigator (PI), the

Assistant Clinical Research Coordinator will perform entry-level duties related to the support, and

coordination of clinical studies, and may receive training and development to prepare and advance for

journey-level work at the next level within the series.

7. Research Assistant, The Infant Brain & Behavior Lab, NYU Langone

Deadline: Until filled



One position is open for a full-time research assistant to work with Dr. Courtney Filippi. Dr. Filippi’s

research examines the neurobiology of anxiety by studying the developing brain from infancy through

early childhood. To do so, my lab uses both magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and

electroencephalography (EEG). Ongoing projects focus on how factors that are intrinsic to the individual

(e.g., temperament) and early experiences (e.g., parent-child interactions) shape risk for anxiety. Much of

our work focuses on the development of neural systems associated with infant attention and behavioral

control. This position is ideal for a postbac interested in getting hands-on training in infancy research

methods and/or learning about the use of neuroscientific methods with infants and toddlers. Research

assistants will be involved in infant recruitment and retention, scheduling visits, collecting behavioral,

functional MRI, and EEG data, supervision of undergraduates, and will receive training in EEG and MRI

data quality control. Flexible schedule on evenings and weekends is required. Required education:

Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, Cognitive Science, Human Development, or Cognitive or Affective

Neuroscience, or related field. The position requires excellent attention to detail, organizational skills, and

strong interpersonal skills. Prior experience working with children in a research context is preferred. The

position is available beginning Summer 2024 and requires a two-year commitment. Questions should be

directed to Amanda Waite,

8. 2 Research Assistants, Chapman University

Deadline: Until filled


The Women and Children’s Health and Well-Being Project at Chapman University, directed by Dr. Laura

Glynn, is seeking two full-time research assistants. These positions present diverse opportunities to

participate in work on NIH and CA state-funded research on early-life experiences, brain development,

and vulnerability to mental illnesses during childhood and adolescence. Our program is a collaboration

between UC Irvine’s Conte Center and Chapman University. Employment will be through ChapmanUniversity. Research assistants will have the opportunity to work with several cohorts and will be

responsible for recruiting and testing mothers, infants, school-age children, adolescents, and young

adults. Other responsibilities include overseeing IRB protocols, field studies of mood via smartphone

technology, attending participant MRI sessions, and assisting the PIs with data analysis. Our program has

been in existence for over 20 years. So far, more than 1,500 families have participated in our studies.

Successful candidates must be committed to the long-term success of our relationship with participants

and to careful and thoughtful data collection and analysis.


1. The Diversity and Equity Initiative in the Mind Sciences

Deadline: May 31, 2024


The Diversity and Equity Initiative in the Mind Sciences (DivE In) is geared towards serving

undergraduate students from marginalized groups that are traditionally underrepresented in graduate

school and involves a weekend at Penn devoted to discussing graduate school and the application

process. We also have a strong focus on mentoring and networking: students get connected with a

mentor, have mock interviews with Penn faculty, and have opportunities to informally network with

members of the Penn community. Travel to Penn and expenses are fully paid for admitted students to

reduce barriers to engaging with faculty and trainee mentors. We encourage rising juniors, seniors, and

recent or not-so-recent graduates from underrepresented backgrounds to apply. Applications will be

evaluated on the basis of need (e.g., lack of access to mentorship), fit (e.g., interest in pursuing graduate

programs in the mind sciences) and merit (e.g., quality of written responses). We will prioritize

applications from students that are not already affiliated with Penn. DivE In 2024 will be October 18-20.

—————————————————ADDITIONAL RESOURCES—————————————————

Advice and resources for applying to grad school:

• UCLA UGSP: Psychology Graduate School Application Resources

• List of psychology Ph.D. virtual info sessions

• Videos of Harvard Psychology professors discussing the grad school application process,

interviews, and more:

• Dr. Jamil Zaki’s guide to applying to Psychology PhD programs (thanks to Dr. Zaki for allowing us

to share this excellent resource!): zaki_gradApp_guide.pdf

• Yale Psychology Bootcamp: videos on what a career in research psychology looks like, how to

gain research experience, and how to apply to grad school:; link to

Q&A answers:

• How-to’s, from templates for cold-emailing, to CV’s, to grants:

• Listservs you can subscribe to, organized by area of psychology: If you would like to receive more

comprehensive job postings for a specific field of study (e.g., clinical psychology, developmental

psychology), we have compiled a list of field-specific listservs you can subscribe to. In our own

experience, undergraduates often don’t know about these listservs (we didn’t!) but many useful

research opportunities and jobs are posted here.

—————————————–MORE PLACES TO FIND JOB POSTINGS—————————————–

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By Rick DelVecchio
Rick DelVecchio Director of Career Development