4+1 in Instructional Design & Technology

Are you interested in a 4+1 Program? The School of Education offers a dual-degree program, BA/MS or BS/MS in Instructional Design and Technology.  This is a great option for students who may be interested in teaching and instruction, for learners of any age, but are not necessarily interested in becoming classroom instructors.

The Instructional Design & Technology program prepares students to design, develop, and implement powerful learning materials, such as websites, online courses, and interactive presentations, for learners of all ages. By exploring learning and design theory, practical strategies, and an array of digital tools, students develop the skills to generate creative solutions for the complex learning problems that we encounter today, in classrooms as well as in business settings. Students in the program have a range of goals, including careers in health professions, private industry, non-profits, universities and K-12 schools – so they may come into the program from any major.  No prior technology experience is needed.

The dual-degree program allows students to begin their Instructional Design & Technology coursework during the junior or senior year. Typically, this 30-credit program takes 5 semesters. However, by taking 9 credits (3 courses) as an undergrad, students can leave Quinnipiac with a master’s degree just one year after the undergraduate commencement. Attached is information and a typical course of study for interested students – I am happy to discuss with you as well as with interested individuals.


By Molly Zapp
Molly Zapp