Math Placement Test

All incoming first-year and transfer students need to take the Math placement test as soon as possible.

Students should see the Math placement test in their list of courses in Blackboard. If an incoming student does not see the link or if a student did not take the placement test in their first year, they will need to submit a technology work order (view instructions below on submitting a technology work order) to gain access to the test.

Results will be available through Self Service (Student Planning) under Test Scores within two business days.  To see how your score corresponds to particular courses, click below to see the Math placement grid.

  • How to Access Math Placement Tests
    • Students should see the math placement test in their list of courses in Blackboard.
    • When students click on the course, students will see the questionnaire and information. After they click Placement Exam in the left menu, they will see all the placement tests (math and languages).
    • Only if students do not see the math placement test in their course list should they submit a Technology Help Request (see below).
  • How to Submit a Technology Help Request

    (ONLY IF students can not see the placement test in Blackboard)

    • Click on the link for “Technology Help Request” on the bottom left-hand side of the MyQ homepage (
    • Click “Add a New Work Order.”
    • Complete the electronic form, specifying which placement test you wish to complete. (The example below uses Math.) You may also use this form to report being locked out of a test.

    Summary: Math Placement Access

    Call Back Number: type in your contact number

    From the pull-down menus, select the following:

    Priority: Access request or new need

    Type: Placement Test

    Subtype: Math Test Access (Access to the Language placement tests can also be found here. Choose “Math Test Locked” to report being locked out of the test.)

    Category: (blank)

    Fill in the Note box: “I request access to the Math Placement Test.”

    • Click “Submit Work Order.”
    • An email confirmation of your request will arrive in your inbox within a minute or so. Notification that you have been given access will arrive within 24 hours.
View Math Placement Grid