Pre-Health Guide to Local Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer experiences should be based on YOUR genuine interests and passions (whether they are health related or not!). While many pre-health students enjoy volunteering in healthcare settings and gaining exposure to medicine, don’t feel limited to these. There is value and personal growth to be gained in any volunteer activity, regardless of setting. Being involved in your community and exhibiting a commitment to helping others is what is most important. Remember, volunteering involves giving up your free time, so think broadly and find things that you enjoy. Volunteering is an easy way to set yourself apart from other applicants during the graduate and professional school application process, so get creative, start early, and volunteer often. When search, ask yourself the following: 

  • Is there a specific population or cause that I am interested in helping?
  • What areas of need have I observed in my own community or communities near QU?
  • What talents, background, or experiences could I contribute in a volunteer setting?

(Examples: musicians may play at nursing homes, pediatric units or hospice facilities; athletes may coach or teach sports through the YMCA or other programs; students with great organization/leadership skills may find fundraising or event planning roles; tutors may volunteer at area school after-school programs; etc.)

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