Resume Education Section

As a current student, or recent graduate, your education is typically your most important asset and should be featured prominently at the beginning of the page. After your first full-time job, this section is typically reduced in detail and moved to the bottom.

*If you have attended more than one school, list your current school first and work backwards

*You only need to list institutions from which you received (or will receive) a degree

*List relevant coursework especially if you do not have much work experience and your coursework demonstrates your preparedness for the position.  Don’t restate your transcript, but provide the titles of 3-6 courses that are more specialized, upper-level and, of course, applicable to the job description. When you are in your final semester, this section can be removed in most cases. Don’t list courses by QU course numbers (e.g., CH310), use the course title (Organic Chemistry) and delete the word “Introduction” if it is part of the title.

*Include your GPA if it is over 3.0.  If your GPA for your major is at least .2 higher than your cumulative GPA, include that one as well. To calculate your Major GPA, assign to each course grade its grade point value. Multiply it by the # of course credits. Add up the weighted grade point values, then divide by the total # of course credits.

A   4.00     A-   3.67      B+  3.33       3.00    B-  2.67  C+ 2.33     C  2.00      C-  1.67    D  1.00   F  0.00

*List honors. Two or three educational honors can be listed in the Education section; any more honors (awards, special recognitions, scholarships), especially from different areas (education, work, extracurricular activities) should be listed in a separate section. Honors can be listed either chronologically or in regard to prestige, and be sure to include specific names and dates.  Here are some suggestions: Dean’s list, honor societies, honor roll, principal’s awards, department awards, leadership awards, scholarships, contests, competitions, distinctions, and so on.

*List your high school and high school accomplishments early, then remove.  As a freshmen or sophomore, including information about your high school experience is recommended.  As a junior or senior, high school accomplishments can be removed, but feel free to list your high school if you feel that it would be beneficial (planning to work in close geographic proximity to the school, or if the school is very well known regionally/nationally).

*List any study abroad experience as a bullet within your Quinnipiac experience. If you have multiple study away experiences you can consider adding a new section.

*Use BOLD in this section to highlight the things most relevant to the specific employer you are targeting. If the job is strongly related to your major, put your degree in bold (and your GPA, too, if it is over a 3.0). Freshman and Sophomores might want to include some coursework in their major as well to demonstrate some familiarity with the field that can’t yet be shown in work experience.