Student/Alumni Professional Networking Series

In the age of LinkedIn and other social media, the art of making new professional connections in person is getting lost. There are few words more intimidating to students (and even for professionals many years past their college days) than “networking”.

Yet, at the same time, possessing well-developed interpersonal skills and the ability to quickly make connections with real people has never been more important. Everything from job searches to holiday parties with a new crowd gets easier the more comfortable you are interacting with strangers and making new connections. That’s why we developed our student/alumni professional networking series to help students gain confidence with this daunting task in a fun, low-stress environment among a friendly crowd.

Focused by departments, or groups of similar majors, we host one event per semester so every student has two chances to participate during their undergraduate career. Each event offers:

Alumni of Quinnipiac University form a panel to discuss job hunting and networking with students and faculty of the departments of Biology, Chemistry, Economics, and Mathematics Tuesday, April 24, 2018, at the Rocky Top Student Center.

A panel discussion and Q&A session with graduates from the related majors who talk about what they’ve been up to since graduation and share tips for success post-graduation.

The panel is followed by a reception with light refreshments where students have the opportunity to talk with these alumni while expert Robert Shutt provides insight on “meeting, greeting, and conversing with people who may enhance your career”.

This highly interactive session, which alternates between instruction and practice over a two hour period, offers students and alumni the opportunity to learn while doing. This reduces the “intimidation factor” often present for students interacting with alumni since everyone is learning and practicing together.