Webinar: Emotional Intelligence is the Key to Landing Your New Job!

Savvy job seekers are quickly learning what hiring managers already know: emotional intelligence is the “it” factor for hiring talent today. Join Dr. Christopher Berg, founder of the career services provider, Go Berg or Go Home, as he demystifies the buzz on EQ and why it has become essential to the hiring process in companies around the world.

What you’ll learn:
• Why organizations are forgoing traditional hiring methods and seeking candidates with high levels of emotional intelligence
• How recruiters and hiring managers assess a candidate’s EQ from the first call to the final interview
• What job seekers can do to demonstrate EQ during the hiring process
• How to assess and develop your own EQ for better interview results and professional success

Dr. Christopher Berg is the Senior Director of Enterprise Learning at ADP in New York, NY and founder of Go Berg or Go Home, a career services provider for individuals and organizations. Go Berg or Go Home is the recipient of “Best in Class” Business Awards for Career Services in 2014, 2015, and 2016 from Thumbtack, New York Times, TalentSmart, and Indeed, and has assisted over 3000 professionals in resume writing, interview preparation, professional public speaking, and job placement assistance. Berg has dedicated his doctoral research to the study of emotional intelligence in metric-driven organizations. In 2019, Berg will work in partnership with TalentSmart, a leader in emotional intelligence research and development, to study the effect emotional intelligence has on career development, leadership, coaching, and personal capability in organizations.

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