Why You Need a Personal Advisory Board

What is a Personal Advisory Board? It’s a diverse group of people that you assemble to provide advice and guidance.

When you are confronted with big decisions like choosing a major, thinking about a particular career option, trying to figure out how to get into graduate school or find an internship or job, it’s easy to get stuck. By developing a diverse group of trusted advisors you gain the ability to present your challenge to people who know you in different ways and who bring different perspectives to the conversation. This diversity of opinion may open up ideas or ways of thinking that you couldn’t see on your own. One way your Board can be very helpful is with helping you develop and articulate your personal brand.

Here is a great article that talks more about how to assemble your Board and how to use it!

A number of different people and offices are available to Quinnipiac students to offer advising on topics ranging from selecting courses to exploring career options to managing time and studying.  Your Board should start with your Academic Advisor and Academic Coach (for first year students). The rest of your Board is up to you and can change and adapt with you over your time here at Quinnipiac and beyond!  Our Student Personal Advisory Board Template can help you organize everyone you go to for various matters to help you get the most of your time at Quinnipiac.

By Rick DelVecchio
Rick DelVecchio Director of Career Development