Required Internships and General Requirements

In CAS, some academic majors offer (or require) internships as part of your regular coursework. For those majors without an internship component, or for those students looking to complete an internship (or two) to supplement that experience, we offer access to our Career Practicum course (CAR 295).


In order to ensure consistency throughout the College, CAS has agreed upon a broad set of terms to define the internship experience, which you will see used throughout this guide and other paperwork.

  • Intern: Student completing the internship
  • Internship Supervisor: Your employer/supervisor onsite in the workplace who will be directly managing you
  • Faculty Mentor: Faculty member supervising your experience for QU


Internship requirements may vary significantly by academic area, particularly in academic areas where a seminar class is taken in conjunction with your internship. Your faculty Mentor and/or Department Chair have final say in all requirements. However, all CAS internship opportunities typically share the following core traits:

  • You must work 40 hours per credit earned. The number of credits available will vary by department.
  • Students should receive a written job description/summary of work prior to seeking approval for credit
  • Prior to an internship, students must login to their Handshake account and complete their personal and academic profiles, as well as, upload the most recent version of their resume
  • All internships typically require some form of routine status updates to your Faculty Mentor (weekly journal, check-in calls, meetings, etc. as determined by the Faculty Mentor)
  • All internships typically require some form of final product at the completion of the internship (final reflection paper/journal entry, poster session, presentation, etc.; type and length is determined by the Faculty Mentor)
  • At the completion of the internship, students should update their resume and upload the new version to Handshake

Please check with the appropriate contact listed below, based on your major or goals, to determine the exact requirement you must satisfy. Your internship must be approved by your Faculty Mentor PRIOR to the start of the internship. Credit will not be granted retroactively.


If your major is listed below and has courses available to you, please contact the faculty member listed for additional information on pursuing an internship within your major. Please check the course catalog for additional details and pre-requisites. If your major is not listed below, or if you would like to complete an additional internship, please see the information about the CAR 295 course. All employers must abide by our CAS Employer Policies for Recruiting & Hiring.


BIO 385 (1-4cr.)       Experiential Inquiry in Biology (required)

Contact: Prof. Courtney McGinnis, (203) 582–6420,

Criminal Justice

CJ 392 (3cr.)              Criminal Justice Required Internship
CJ 394 (3cr.)              Criminal Justice Optional Second Internship


DR 370 (3cr.)            Internship in Theater administration, production, performance, education

Contact: Prof. Kevin Daly, (203) 582–3500,


EN 293 (1cr.)            Internship

Contact: Prof. Valerie Smith,

Game Design and Development

GDD 390/490 (1 cr.)   Game Design and Development Internship

Contact: Prof. Elena Bertozzi,


GT 392 (3cr.)             Internship in the Community
GT 394 (3 cr.)            Advanced Internship in the Community

Legal Studies

LE 480 (4cr.)             Legal Internship Seminar
LE 481 (4cr.)             Legal Internship Seminar II

Contact: Prof. Michelle Miller, (203) 582–3231,

Philosophy and Political Science

PL 396 (1 cr.)             Philosophy Internship
PO 395 (3cr.)             Political Science Advanced Internship

Contact: Prof. Scott McLean, (203) 582–8686,


PS 393/394               Fieldwork in Human Services  (*Only available to students in Human Services concentration)

Contact: Prof. Clorinda Velez,


SO 392 (3cr.)             Internship in the Community
SO 394 (3 cr.)            Advanced Internship in the Community