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Our department believes it is important for students to have a broad and diverse historical education. We have faculty experts that specialize in wide variety of approaches to the study of history, and which cover a wide range of time periods and geographical regions. We have expertise in the histories of early modern European, the Indian subcontinent, the British Empire, the United States, East Asia, and modern Ireland. We also have thematic specializations African- and Native-American history, as well as in the histories of science and medicine, the environment, women, religion, and famine.

Our curriculum takes students around the world and across time. After completing foundational work in U.S. history, European history, and world history, students pursue electives and thematic courses based on their own interests. They also take a course in “Historical Writing” that allows students to workshop their writing skills in preparation for their advanced coursework. As juniors, all of our students take a seminar in “Historiography and Historical Methods” in which they develop their understanding of the major interpretive schools and modern trends in history and also develop their research skills in preparation for their senior thesis project. The culmination of the history curriculum is our senior thesis. Students write a research paper in which they define a research topic and develop their own signature historical interpretations through a reading of primary and even archival sources.

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  • Research & Experiential Learning
    We understand that history is a process best learned by doing. Experiential learning, through research, experience in the field, internship, or travel are essential to developing one’s understanding of the past. Do you think you would enjoy getting involved in research, working in a museum, or pursuing an internship, volunteer, or service opportunity related to history? We are committed to supporting experiential learning, which enables students to apply their historical knowledge and expertise outside the classroom, explore possible career options, and make professional connections. Explore the possibilities and learn how to get involved.
  • Explore Your Future

    History majors build strong skillsets in research, writing, and critical thinking. This background sets you up for a wide variety of future careers! Start by checking out our “What Can I Do With This Major?” tool to explore some of your options.

    History majors often continue their education to prepare for careers in education and law. However, our history majors have gone on to a wide variety of careers in areas as diverse as business, marketing and communications, publishing, government and policy, and non-profits. Check out our industry communities to research possible pathways and to learn how to build experience.



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