Our faculty have a wide breadth of expertise, spanning molecular and cell biology, physiology, botany, zoology, ecology and evolution. This breadth is represented in foundational courses and upper-level offerings; labs associated with these courses ensure that students have practical experience in experimental design within a specific subject.

Upper level students can create their own experiential learning projects, with the support of their departmental advisors, that allow them to explore the intersections between their passions and coursework. Recent projects include lab research at Quinnipiac and at sites as distant as New Zealand, participation in service trips to Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic, working at zoos and national parks, and shadowing medical and dental professionals.

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BIO 207: Coral Reef Diversity (Education Abroad in Bonaire)

Taught by Dr. Lisa Kaplan
This course provides students with a unique opportunity to learn about coral reef structure and come face to face with…

BIO 250: Biology Journal Club

Taught by TBD
Bio 250 is a scientific journal club in which students will present published research papers to their peers, providing the…

BIO 300 (Special Topics): Plant Science for a Healthy Life

Taught by Dr. Dennis Richardson
This course will provide an overview of the diversity, classification, morphology, physiology, and ecology of plants with an emphasis on…

BIO 317/317L: Developmental Biology

Taught by Dr. Craig Magie
This course is an introduction to the basic developmental processes that enable a single cell to differentiate and create entire…

BIO 329: Neurobiology

Taught by Dr. Paul Wolujewicz
This course provides an introduction to molecular, cellular and organismal neuroscience. After exploring basic topics including electrical excitability, neurotransmitters and…

BIO 383: Evolution

Taught by Dr. Sarah Lawson
This course examines the mechanisms of evolutionary change and surveys the evolutionary and phylogenetic history of life on earth. Because…

BIO 471/471L: Molecular Genetics

Taught by Dr. Nils Pilotte
This course introduces students to the theory and practice of DNA manipulation that is involved in modern molecular biology, including…

BIO 385, 491-4: Explorations in Biology and Independent Study in the Biological Sciences

For an overview of Experiential Learning in the Department of Biological Sciences, Click here. BIO 385 is a hybrid course…

CAR 295: Internship for Credit

This course is designed to allow CAS students to gain real-world experience in an area of professional interest and test-drive…

GPH 201- Intro to Global Public Health

Taught by David Hill

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